airtag wallet


One of the major concerns of those who use a card with an RFID system is related to the possibility that their data could be stolen by ill-intentioned people, who could do it through the use of a scanner.

Using the card alone or even protected by a simple card holder, the risks are actually high. Not to mention it has a better chance of being lost. If you purchase and use a wallet with RFID protection, you will have the security that no one can steal your data and you will be able to keep your card without running the risk of losing it airtag wallet.


airtag wallet

Thanks to a shielded wallet you will be able to protect your data, as its particular composition allows the blocking of any maneuver to access the reading of the data on the cards you use. Numerous companies that also deal with men’s accessories offer this shielded wallet that uses smart technology.

On the web you can find many models, to choose the one that best suits your style. The wallets do not have, on the outside, any particularity that identifies them as “smart”: they are just like the normal ones you have always carried with you.

The difference lies inside them, as there is a special film which shields and therefore interrupts the transmission of data, so that they cannot be intercepted by scanners.

Its anti-RFID functionality is indicated by a label inside the wallet itself, which bears the wording: “RFID protection”, or by a small black coupon which specifies that it is a shielded wallet with anti-RFID protection.

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